Who We Are

With almost fifty years in business, Meyers Management is an experienced property management company in theĀ Greater Pittsburgh area.

Experience Makes Excellence

Meyers Management has been in business since 1970 and our name has long been associated with knowledge, achievement, and professionalism in the property management field. Our success is largely due to the belief in creating long-term relationships with both owners and tenants of our managed properties.

Apartment Intelligence

Currently, our managed properties include Ellsworth Towers, Morewood Court Apartments, Centre Towers, and Amberson Gardens located in the heart of Shadyside, Melwood Manor, Webster Towers, Schenley Properties, and Oakland Bates Apartments located in Oakland, Findley House located in Churchill, and Hobart and Wightman Apartments located in Squirrel Hill. In addition to the above properties, we manage Lebanon Shops, Avon Court, Governors House, Abbeyville Apartments, Wisteria Apartments, Cedar Blvd, Meadocroft Apartments, Brookline Apartments and Sceneridge.